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Satvic Food Book

A food guide containing timeless knowledge of healing the body with plant-based food, without any medicine.

What will I get from this book?

50 Plant-Based Recipes

Each recipe is carefully designed so it's easy for you digest, eliminates disease & increases energy! All recipes are free from packaged foods, dairy, refined oil & sugar

Video for Every Recipe

Each recipe has a barcode attached. When you scan the barcode, you will be redirected to its video, which will give you super-duper clarity about the method of making the dish.

Meal Plans for Your Lifestyle

This book is for you to bring a radical shift in your diet. For this, you will find different meal plans - for disease reversal, health maintenance, weight loss, kids - everyone!

Deep Vedic Health Knowledge

Our scriptures contain deep wisdom about health, but most of us are not able to access it. In this book, we have simplified this health wisdom into practical, actionable steps.

Moong Salad

Spinach Cheelas

Satvic Sabzi

Millet Upma

Satvic Khichadi

Detox Roti

Indian Classics for Lunch & Dinner

Thai Papaya Salad

Beet Rocket Salad

Carrot Raisin Salad

Satvic Salad

Cheesy Salad

Sweet Potato Salad

Colourful Tasty Salads


Chia Pudding

Satvic Ladoos

Gajar Halva

Satvic Kheer

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Guilt-Free Desserts





Smoothie Bowls

Herbal Tea

Banana Date Shake

ABC Juice

No Coffee Cold-Coffee


Pina Colada

Divinely Delicious Drinks

Look what's inside the book


See what our readers say about our book

Deepika Rajendran

26, Bangalore

Satvic food book is a real treasure. I would say it has tremendous knowledge for a beautiful, sustainable, simple and healthy lifestyle. With this book, even someone without experience can cook and eat healthy food anywhere.

Anu Goyal

28, Gurgaon

Some of my absolute favorites are the broccoli soup, sweet potato soup, marigold smoothie, satvic khichdi and peanut butter dessert. Satvic food book is my savior. After eating it, I feel as if my soul is nourished.

Neha Vaswani

44, Mumbai

Not just this food helped me reverse my health problems but also made me a happier and more peaceful person. Satvic Food Book adds aroma to my kitchen, nourishing food in my stomach and love in my heart.

Siddhartha Sinha


The recipes in this book are extremely quick to make. A simple satvic dish would take me a maximum of 20 mins to cook. Also, the biggest surprise was how tasty the food turned out to be.

Nishi Aggarwal

25, Pune

Each recipe that has gone into this book will take your culinary experience to a whole new level. I had never imagined turning cashew nuts into a cheesy dip. Each morsel of Satvic food left my family guessing the ingredients that went into it.

Ruchi Kedia

27, Amravati

I was someone who had a number of diseases: PCOD, depression, back ache. This book not only helped me heal my disease but also made me fall in love with Satvic meals.

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About the Author

Subah Saraf is a health educator from India, teaching people how to reverse their chronic health problems through food & lifestyle, without medicines. Subah discovered the healing powers of Mother Nature after curing her own major health problems. Now, she is on a mission to share the timeless wisdom of Mother Nature with the world, in an implementable and practical way.

She is spreading this knowledge through YouTube videos and health seminars worldwide as a non-profit social initiative to mankind. Her book 'The Satvic Food Book' is ranked as the #1 bestseller on Amazon. She has created more than 150 viral videos which have surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube.